A Simple Framework for Explaining What You Do

  • in professional presentations
  • at networking events
  • on your social media bios
  • in your email signature
  1. State the main problem you solve
  2. Summarize your process
  3. Be clear on your outcomes
  4. Bring it together

1. Start With Who

In my book, Now Start With Who, I argue that the first step before launching any idea, business, new product, or even when you’re building a pitch is to think about Who it’s for. Without a clear who, you are at risk of connecting with the people you need to reach.

  • They know how to get their attention amongst the noisy competition.
  • They attract more of the customer they want (and can serve the best). They get fewer of the troublesome clients, costing them a lot of time for very little return.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • SaaS Founders
  • Unemployed engineers
  • C-Suite executives
  • With whom do you have the most success?
  • Which type of client pays the best?
  • Is there any client that combines all three of the above

2. State The Main Problem You Solve

Think about the problems that your ideal client is facing today. As it relates to your field of interest, what do you think is bugging them the most? As you consider this, remember that problems don’t just occur on the external, physical level. Their issues are emotional, too. Here I’m thinking about the anger, frustration, anxiety, or stress caused by their experience. It’s when problems become too overwhelming on an emotional level that they will seek help.

3. Summarize Your Solution

Now we get to the part where you can come and help them out of their problem and into a better life.

  • If you offer a house cleaning service as a solution, you can say, “We have a top-to-bottom house cleaning service.”
  • If you’ve written a book, you can say, “I have a book about how to get clear on your ideal client.”

4. Be Clear On The Outcome

The reason why Your patients don’t come to you for services; they come to you for results.

  • grow their business
  • improve their marketing
  • grow their wealth

5. Put It All Together

Now you have all the elements you need to craft a memorable one-liner that will land with impact. All that’s left is to put the pieces together.

  • State their problem
  • Summarize your solution
  • Be clear on the outcome
  • Put it all together

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Jon Morrison is the Lead Consultant at Get Clear and author of the book "Now Start With Who".